Process improvement

We enable global and local asset finance companies to deliver their transformation and change management initiatives.


Driving process improvement, innovation & maturity assessments

Richmond Consulting Group has developed the Asset Finance Maturity Model -AFMM - as a proprietary effective methodology for evaluating and subsequently improve the capability maturity of Asset Finance processes.

How does AFMM work?

AFMM contains an assessment tool kit that been exclusively designed for Asset Finance organizations

AFMM will assess maturity levels of any asset finance process against six “factors” that affect global process performance: Strategic alignment, Governance, People, Culture, Methods, and IT

AFMM will transform assessment outputs into actionable initiatives aimed at improving process maturity and performance of asset finance organizations

AFMM Methodology

Why use AFMM for improving Asset Finance processes?


  • An unbiased assessment of process maturity
  • Minimum disruption to teams vs. intensive process audit reviews
  • Independent of the IT software deployed
  • A stable model that allows internal and external re-assessments to measure progress
  • Effective at value chain, process and sub-process levels

Agile and effective

  • A model-builder and assessment module focussing exclusively on asset finance processes
  • Designed by asset finance professionals gained from working in the industry across multiple markets
  • A deep look into the factors that influence process performance
  • Compatible with different asset classes, finance products and organizational structures


An improvement roadmap

For functional & matrix leaders:

  • A baseline for improvement initiatives
  • The strong/weak points highlighted by the assessment
  • The roadmap to higher maturity levels
  • A benchmark across multiple sites or business units
  • Cross-functional reviews

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