Portfolio acquisitions & business integration

We enable global and local asset finance companies to deliver their transformation and change management initiatives.


Portfolio acquisitions and business integration

Growing a leasing portfolio by acquisition is a strategic move to extend customer base, geographical footprint, revenue and profitability opportunities. Yet integrating a portfolio – or an entire platform – often requires the right experience in a number of different areas

Asset & Credit Risk Management

The acquisition of a new customer base and its correlated assets will shift the consolidated asset and credit risk profile of the organization. Carrying out proper due diligence and planning ahead of time a retaining/divesting strategy will help ensure organizations keep control of their concentration, operational and credit risks profile of their leasing portfolio.

Data & financial standards harmonization

Ensuring that acquired portfolios data and reporting adhere to management, financial and regulatory requirements.

System implementation

All acquisitions will require at one point in time either a data migration, a system interface or a new system implementation. The level of complexity for these changes require dedicated and expert resources so that internal teams can focus on what matters: satisfying customers and delivering results.

Cultural Integration

Ensuring all teams can benefit from respective best practices and work in harmony in a unique direction. Building bridges between teams coming from different culture or backgrounds.

Leveraging cross-selling and productivity gain opportunities

Identifying the commercial, profitability and efficiency gains that can be generated with the acquisitions


At Richmond Consulting Group, we help organizations planning, structuring, conducting and following through their portfolio acquisition. We also facilitate cultural and team integrations by providing a practical and pragmatic change management methodology.

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