Data remediation

We help clients implement data controls and improve the integrity of their data to ensure that regulatory, financial and management requirements are met. We turn data into information, and information into actionable intelligence.

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Data remediation

Equipment finance contracts usually contain a large number of inter-related data items, many of them linked over time. As a consequence, errors in a single critical item of data often leads to a cascade of errors, which if they remain undetected or uncorrected can:

  • Impact customers and damage reputation
  • Mislead management into making decisions based on inaccurate information
  • Mean incomplete or erroneous information is provided to regulators
  • Be costly to correct, especially if erroneous data remains undetected for sometime

The need for data remediation

The need to cleanse and restructure data typically arises when:

  • System migration projects are undertaken
  • Business process improvement initiatives uncover data issues
  • Master Data Management projects, such as GDPR compliance, are underway
  • Mergers and acquisitions are initiated
  • Broken processes are detected
  • Previously undetected system errors are uncovered

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