Captive and vendor finance programs

We enable global and local asset finance companies to deliver their transformation and change management initiatives.


Implementing vendor finance programs

Vendor Finance programs can improve customer retention, enable revenue growth and increase profit opportunities. We provide training and advisory services to help manufacturers negotiating, structuring and deploying their vendor finance programs.

Benefits of vendor programs for your organisation

Increased sales

  • Acts as a market differentiator + more transactions with new customers
  • Incremental sales via new funding sources
  • New services offering during product lifecycle

Cash acceleration and risk management

  • Faster funding - reduces DSO
  • Reduced credit risk

Customer retention and brand loyalty

  • Facilitates replacement of products - protects market share
  • More customer touch points

Benefits of vendor programs for your customers

  • Improved cashflow: finance repayments customized to the asset and project to enhance cashflow
  • Protects current credit lines: brings additional borrowing capacity on top of existing banking facilities
  • Expertise as funder: better service from funding partners with industry knowledge

Richmond as your strategic partner

Richmond can help your leadership team with:


  • Elaborate & Review Vendor Finance strategic options
  • Build business case, identify risk & opportunities
  • Build vendor finance program deployment plan


  • Manage the vendor program selection process
  • Negotiate programs with Vendor Finance partners
  • Elaborate Service Level agreements


  • Structure Vendor Finance programs – Internal & external
  • Coach Sales teams and enable sales growth
  • Implement performance indicators for sales, risk & finance


  • Structure program review process with funding partners
  • Fix issues and exploit growth opportunities
  • Restructure or exit programs

Working with Richmond

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Serving our clients for over 20 years

Global reach - local execution

Delivering projects in Europe, the Americas and Asia

Practical and pragmatic

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