Business rescue & recovery

Business threats that materialize unexpectedly can have a severe impact on business operations, incur unbudgeted costs and extend audit enquiries.

Whether caused by a project failure, an unexpected staff move, or some other unplanned event, Richmond Consulting Group has the experienced resources to alleviate the impact during a recovery or leadership transition period.


Business rescue and recovery

Planning for the worst and having a contingency plan are two complex tasks that a number of organizations neglect. At Richmond Consulting Group, we have understood that any asset finance organization may find itself in a damage control situation at some point. When this occurs, the organization will need to address very specific issues in a swift and competent manner to keep operations in controls and to protect employees, customers and shareholders from further damage.

Over the years, we have helped a number of global asset finance organizations, in a confidential manner, navigating through operational, financial, fraud-related and conflictual situations.

Should your organization face an existing situation or plan for an hypothetical scenario, we can assist in a rapid and confidential manner.

The Richmond approach to project rescue and recovery


  • Confirm business
  • Understand status
  • Identify issues, failures & pressure points
  • Re-confirm success criteria


  • Analyse root causes of failure:
    • System
    • Process
    • Supplier
    • People
    • Management
    • Governance
  • Evaluate benefits, costs & likelihood of recovery


  • Agree recovery strategy
  • Agree options
  • Priorities, constraints & compromises


  • Publish recovery roadmap and plans
  • Establish stakeholder support and sponsorship


  • Execute recovery
  • Provide hands-on support to relieve pressure points
  • Measure recovery performance

Problem statement & success criteria

Health check

Recovery options & strategy

Recovery support & leadership

Recovery execution & ownership

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