Business process and system outsourcing

“Move to improve”

A service to manage all or part of your back office processes from our low cost European offices

  • Using your systems or those of our preferred partners
  • Providing substantial costs savings
  • Flexible as to managing all or part of your back office and/or finance department processes

Back office process, finance and system outsourcing

Move to Improve - what we do

Richmond Group will manage all or part of your lessor back office processes from our nearshore European location using Richmond-trained, English-speaking staff

Providing substantial cost savings compared to using inhouse resources

  • Offer 1 - Using your systems OR:
  • Offer 2 - Using our preferred software partner’s systems for additional cost savings

Move to Improve - how to transition your back office to Richmond Group

  • Richmond Group investigate your costs and processes
  • We report on where and how efficiencies can be made, whether by automation or by deploying our outsourcing services
  • Fixed term service contracts are agreed with our UK-company, regulated under English law
  • Transition period is initiated
  • Back office is live using your systems or ours

The Benefits

Benefits from outsourcing your Back office processes &/or Finance tasks

  • Substantial savings in staff costs as well as  the administrative, infrastructure & overhead costs needed to support them. Leading to increased bottom line profit
  • Allows re-deployment of current staff to higher value-add tasks
  • Allows you to focus on origination and cultivating customer relationships whilst Richmond Group focuses on delivering excellent service for the back office and finance
  • A flexible, compelling pricing model for certainty of back office costs
  • Scale up without the need to address staff or office space needs

Additional benefits by using our preferred software systems

  • Fully-managed cloud-based system
  • Subscription-based pricing for greater cost certainty
  • A practical solution for portfolios of any size. For established or start up companies
  • Very competitive price

Support coverage

Back office  management for lessors

  • Booking/activation to CMS
  • Contract maintenance (for changes,
    subject access requests etc)
  • Managing e-docs & e-signature processes
  • Post booking events:
    • Terminations (voluntary/hostile/
    • Lump sum payments/
      partial settlements
    • Re-financing/re-scheduling
    • Extensions
    • Novation
    • Managing add-on service requests
  • End of contract
  • Registering/de-registering asset liens
  • Asset recoveries
  • Asset re-marketing


Supporting collections

  • Dunning letters
  • Managing follow up letters
  • Invoicing and cash application
  • Processing ATPs (Arrangement to Pay)
  • Processing payment holidays









Finance and lease accounting support

  • GL reconciliation
  • Maintaining GL controls over the CMS
  • Monthly management accounts
  • Help with filings e.g. preparing VAT reports
  • Providing reports and analyses









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